October 20, 2021

Quincy business owner reacts to Illinois new mask mandate

QUINCY (WGEM) — For some local business owners, another indoor mask mandate was the last thing they wanted to see, but one said Thursday they he is preparing to comply.

Steve Bunch, the owner of Chompz in Quincy, said last year his business operated at 25 percent when dining rooms had to close.

Bunch said he moved locations to have a drive-thru in case that happened again.

He said it has been a struggle getting up to 50 percent, and now this could stunt any growth they’ve made.

Still, he said he’s getting ready.

“Just got a hold of our distributor this afternoon, and told them that we’re going to need some supplies for masks, so that we have them for all the employees, and then we will most likely have some extra masks, if a customer comes in,” Bunch said.

The mask mandate goes into effect Monday, Aug. 30.


Illinois issues COVID-19…

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