June 19, 2021
Real Estate

Ravalli County real estate market sets new record | Local News

In the first quarter, there were about 100 sales in the Hamilton area of homes with zero to 40 acres. Close to half of those occurred within a mile of the city limits. The median sales price was $350,000.

In Corvallis, there were 34 sales, with a median sales price of $466,000. The median sales price in Stevensville was $449,000.

The median sales price in Victor jumped to $513,000, which likely indicated more land was involved. There were 21 sales in that area.

Florence — the community closest to Missoula — saw 22 sales at a median price of $572,000.

Home prices were highest in Darby where 19 properties sold at a median cost of $645,000.

“Those are more remote and larger pieces of property,” Ernst said. “People are willing to pay more for those properties on the river without any neighbors.”

At this point, Ernst said there aren’t many properties available for people working…

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