October 20, 2021

RCMP warn of costly online romance scams

Between January and August 2021, 213 victims across the Lower Mainland lost $22,463,510.

Surrey RCMP are warning the public to beware of online romance scams, which they say have raked in millions of dollars from victims so far this year.

Mounties in Surrey say they have received reports from 29 people who have been the victim of online romance scams between January and August 2021, losing a total of $1,362,269.

During that same period, 213 victims across the Lower Mainland lost $22,463,510.

A romance scam involves any individual who uses false romantic intentions toward a victim, in order to gain their trust and affection with the goal of getting the victim’s money, according to Surrey RCMP, noting that many romance scams begin over social media or online dating sites.

A common trend among reports of the scam in Surrey included victims who were befriended online and, over time, convinced to invest funds into…

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