November 15, 2021
Real Estate

Real Estate Agent Answers Questions on Navigating Market Frenzy – NBC Los Angeles

There is a rise in prices in real estate, all mainly due to the pandemic.

There is a high demand but very low inventory and this creates a frenzy. Kim Baldonado spoke to a real estate agent and asked her for some tips.

Analea Perez is a first time home buyer.

“The listings I saw would go live, the ones I liked, I would check them a couple of days later, and they were pending,” she said.

In many parts of the country, including southern California, the real estate market is downright wild.

Leah Guerra is a Los Angeles real estate agent. We asked her how to navigate the current frenzy. 

First, why is demand so high?

A lot of the buyer demand is driven by historically low interest rates, so it’s basically cheaper to purchase than it was before. Although prices are increasing, your monthly payments are more affordable.

Why is the supply of available homes so…

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