July 28, 2021
Real Estate

Real estate market in Kalamazoo shows no signs of slowing

KALAMAZOO, MI — Katelynd Dreger and her boyfriend Craig Hotchkiss have spent the last month settling into their new home that they closed on in May.

Unlike many homebuyers, who have put in 10-plus offers before getting one accepted, the couple was fortunate enough to score on their third try, landing a three-bedroom, two-bath home just down the road from Hotchkiss’ uncle in Parchment.

The secret for their good fortune in landing a home so quickly? Finding one that wasn’t even listed.

Thanks to Hotchkiss’ uncle, who was out for an evening stroll in the neighborhood and got talking with the sellers, the couple was able to go straight to the negotiation table before the home was listed.

“We contacted the original owners of the house and then our Realtor came out and looked at the house with us and basically walked us through the whole process,” Dreger said. “It was a pretty…

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