July 27, 2021
Real Estate

REAL ESTATE: The Riley Report

Happy 245th Birthday, America!

It’s a beautiful day in Pagosa Country – blue skies, white puffy clouds, and a slight breeze keeping it from getting too hot. Maybe we’ll get a little shower later in the day. The monsoon season has arrived, right on schedule. This means we have clear skies in the morning, clouds building up around noon, a couple showers in the afternoon, and then clearing up for dinner time.

Town is crazy busy! It’s just like old times, only on steroids. The parade was on Saturday, July 3rd, this year so as not too interfere with churchgoers. The Arts & Crafts Fair was downtown along the river. The Farmer’s Market is also in full swing on the east side of town. The river is full of rafters, tubers, and fishermen. And let’s not forget the Red Ryder Rodeo. The one missing component was no carnival this year. Sunday night brought an awesome fireworks…

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