November 16, 2021

Rebuilding America’s economy and foreign policy with ‘ally-shoring’

Last month, President Joe Biden came to Michigan to push America to seize leadership in making electric vehicles—or risk ceding economic leadership in autos and other fields to China. In doing so, the president held out the prospect of more good-paying domestic jobs and reconfiguring our supply chains in mobility and other sectors for domestic production.

We do need more domestic production and more of the high-paying jobs that go along with it—but we won’t get there by going it alone. That’s because pivoting supply chains back home is not always realistic; we rely on components and materials from many parts of the world. There is a better way forward, and it starts by selectively leaning into our trade and co-production relationships with friends and allies we trust—what we call “ally-shoring.”

In announcing its strategy for supply chain resilience, the Biden…

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