November 17, 2021
General News

Recalibrating world politics – André DeBattista

The pandemic has dominated public discourse for the past year and a half. Though our attention has been geared towards this health emergency, it is pertinent to look at other political developments taking place on the international stage.

US President Joe Biden completed his first whistle-stop tour of Europe 120 days after entering the White House. It was a tour of sorts that tried to drum up support for the western alliance.

In the United Kingdom, following the G7 summit in Cornwall, the US president and the British prime minister signed a new Atlantic Charter resolving to “defend the principles, values and institutions of democracy and open societies” while strengthening “the institutions, laws and norms that sustain international cooperation”.

Biden then flew to Brussels where he had talks with both NATO and EU officials. At NATO headquarters, he stated that the alliance…

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