September 27, 2021

Reghan Winkler: Tips to ensure you don’t donate to a scammer

Hello. I’m Reghan Winkler, the new Executive Director of the local Better Business Bureau. In the last column, my predecessor, Cheryl Parson, announced her retirement. I’ll be continuing her tradition of informing readers of the latest scams and business trends and practices.

Better Business Bureau has long warned that scammers love chaos. Scammers know people will be apprehensive and more apt to either protect themselves or help others that may be in danger or distress.

Americans are quick to help those subjected to violence, natural disasters, and oppression. Unfortunately, the last two weeks’ airwaves have filled with news of the fall of Afghanistan and the resulting chaos which is still ongoing at this writing. We are overwhelmed with the images of frantic U.S. citizens and Afghans trying to leave the country. We see the tragedy of desperate mothers pushing their children over barbed-wired walls. We sympathize and…

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