June 22, 2021
General News

Republicans oust Liz Cheney, Andrew Yang leads in New York and the Bidens adopt a cat

Welcome to your weekly explanation of all the big news, strange rules and interesting happenings from the world of US politics. 

Make no mistake, Liz Cheney wanted this fight.

Back in February, less than one month after a pro-Trump mob stormed the US Capitol, the daughter of a former vice-president survived a bid to oust her from the Republican leadership.

Back then, she fought to hold on to her job, reportedly making the usual quiet phone calls to shore up her support. But she was unrepentant about the thing that put her at risk.

She told her colleagues she wouldn’t apologise for her vote to impeach Donald Trump over his actions leading up to the attack on the Capitol. She kept volunteering criticism of him in interviews and press conferences. 

So when the vote to remove her came up again, Cheney didn’t just seem uninterested in trying to hold on to her post — she stuck out her…

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