August 2, 2021

Restrictions, gap and inflation: the keys to a week in which the blue dollar hit a new high for the year

Market reaction to new obstacles to counted with clearance Do not be late. The “Senebi” dollar took center stage and a new gap appeared in the financial prices of the exchange rate. In addition, the blue closed at values ​​that it had not touched since the end of October last year. Thus, the week ended in a turbulent zone, far from the Government’s intentions.

The news came out on Saturday, in full advance of the Copa América final that consecrated the Argentine team. On Monday it was confirmed. As published, the battery of measures included quotas to buy cash with liquidation, modifications in the terms of holding the bonds and restrictions on companies that tried to operate in the official exchange market at the same time as they turned foreign currency through the sale of public titles.

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