August 2, 2021

RICHARDSON: Repotting the plant | Local Business News

All organizations have had employees that, when they left, inspired people to say: “I didn’t think she’d ever leave!” or “Good riddance, he’s been phoning it in for years.” I didn’t want there to be a whiff of that when I ever left a job.

People might be sorry I stayed as long as I did for other reasons—maybe they wanted me out of the way so they didn’t have to work so hard—but it wouldn’t be because I had quit working hard myself.

Earlier this year, I determined that I needed some new nutrients. While UMW announced I was retiring (because, I suppose, I technically meet the institution’s requirements to retire), most who know me well expected me to move to another challenge. And so I am.

I have worked as a business dean (the greatest job, in my opinion, on a college campus) at three institutions with very different missions, sizes, cultures, and locations. One…

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