November 17, 2021

RICHARDSON: Workplace role model | Local Business News

Rosa Parks once said, “Each person must live their life as a model for others.” I agree, and have been wondering how well people do this in the workplace. Generally, our actions speak louder than words, so people at work model their behavior on the actions of others and not what people say.

Numerous examples come to mind.

I have worked with colleagues in multiple institutions that would emphasize the importance of respecting the chain of command. You’re familiar with this structure. Each employee in an organization reports to a single person. If Fred reports to Tim, who reports to Sandra, who reports to Audrey, then Fred should always talk with Tim first about any situation and not bypass Tim to talk with Sandra or Audrey.

Audrey says she respects and adheres to the chain of command concept. But invariably, she lets someone in the chain other than Sandra reach out to her with…

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