November 15, 2021
General News

Rishi Sunak reveals he is avid viewer of Emily in Paris and Bridgerton | Rishi Sunak

A well-known Star Wars fan he might be, but Rishi Sunak appears to be a man of rather eclectic taste, having revealed that he has spent “a lot of time” indulging in the likes of Bridgerton and Emily in Paris over the past year.

Discussing his viewing habits with the Radio Times, the chancellor also told the magazine that he was an “enormous fan” of the BBC and said his “tastes are probably not quite the same” as some of his cabinet colleagues.

“Like Emily In Paris – I’m not sure how many others watched that. I’ll check,” Sunak said of the fluffy romcom, which the Guardian’s Rebecca Nicholson described as an “exorcism of all of the French cliches the writers could think of, spewed out as if they could not keep them in”.

He added that he has also spent “a lot of time” watching Netflix’s Regency period drama Bridgerton, which was released in December and…

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