June 17, 2021
Real Estate

Robert De Niro among celebs shilling WELL Health-Safety Seal

Robert De Niro must really need a paycheck.

The purportedly tapped-out actor and Nobu investor is among a gaggle of celebrities shilling the WELL Health-Safety Seal, a real-estate endorsement that is supposed to provide a COVID pandemic-weary public peace of mind.

The International WELL Building Institute, the company behind the effort — founded by a former partner at Goldman Sachs — has also engaged Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez and Venus Williams in its minute-long ad spot. The commercial includes nine mentions of “safety” or some variation on the word.

The pitch appears to be working.

Hundreds of New York City properties, including the Empire State Building and Yankee Stadium, have already signed on, plunking down fees for the seal of approval that range from $2,730 for a small business to $4,200 for a standard building to $12,600 for an…

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