June 23, 2021
General News

Romania should consult better regarding 5G

The good news: 5G is on. The less good news: Roll-out in Europe is slow. The reality: Europe remains entangled in geopolitics instead of accelerating 5G deployment.

Romania needs a top-notch 5G infrastructure. Security must be a priority, but without mixing up protection measures with geopolitical matters. This makes digital policies incoherent. Against this background, the proposed ICT law lacks proper reflection and consultation.

The draft law has an immense impact on the Romanian economy. Just 7 days for the Chamber of Deputy to decide is way too short and should be at least extended to 30 days.

In addition, such a law needs to be notified to the European Commission, which apparently has not been done. This omission puts in doubt its legitimacy. 

The text shows significant gaps in how to implement the propositions. Here are a few considerations:

5G is not a monolithic block. It…

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