July 28, 2021

Rowan Sheriff’s Office warns against scam callers, emails – Salisbury Post

The Rowan County Sheriff’s Office is warning people against falling victim to scams requiring payment of a bill online, by gift card or Green Dot Card.

Recent scams come from overseas callers or emailers and appear to be from a legitimate source, company or government agency, but the Rowan Sheriff’s Office says government agencies will never require remote or electronic payment to avoid arrest. Legitimate businesses don’t require or request gift card payments or other non-traditional methods.

People should ask for a mailed bill if a phone call suggests one needs to be paid. The company or agency should already have the correct mailing address if the bill is legitimate, the Sheriff’s Office said.

People should never provide any personal information over the phone or through an email link. Also, change passwords to online accounts often.

“These scams prey on the victim’s good nature…

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