November 17, 2021

Royal Mail delivery fee text scam hits Midlands – here’s what to look out for

Households in the Midlands are among those who have been targeted by a new text scam asking for Royal Mail delivery fees.

The bogus text asks for a £2.99 unpaid shipping fee and provides a website address of or something similar.

But the text and website are not genuine but are designed to get people to put in their personal details.

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This type of scam is known as smishing, a combination of SMS (texting) and phishing, a type of cybercrime in which the scammers are fishing for financial or other details.

One man in the West Midlands who received the text told BirminghamLive: “I almost fell for it because I was expecting a parcel that had been ordered recently but seemed to be taking ages to get here.

“For a moment, I genuinely thought it had been held up because the shipping cost hadn’t been paid and it was up to me to pay…

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