November 17, 2021

Royal Mail scam: Post Office text leads to fake website con | UK

Post Office text sent to Brits claims the recipient’s parcel delivery failed and has been returned to a depot. The message contains a link to a fake website created to look exactly like an official Post Office platform.

This site asks the user to enter their postcode and personal details, supposedly to identify their closest depot and reorganise the delivery.

But these details are sent directly to scammers who are able to use them to commit identity fraud.

Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) says one victim who fell foul to the bogus website lost £80,000 because fraudsters were able to access their bank account.

Katherine Hart, lead officer for CTSI, said: “This Post Office scam is far more insidious than a similar scam which involved Royal Mail. While the Royal Mail scam explicitly asks for a payment to reorganise a delivery, at no point does this happen in this Post Office version making the…

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