November 14, 2021

Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales shows off its hi-tech miniguns as it prepares for active service

The 65,000-tonne behemoth departed Portsmouth on June 6 to continue a series of sea trials before it begins active service.

Now the £3.2bn warship has continued tests of its defense systems, including its on-board Phalanx close-in weapons system which can spew 75 rounds in a second.

In a video posted to social media, the ship’s high-speed minigun fires a prolonged burst of rounds – ready to take on threats from both the sea and the air.

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Scott, an onboard weapons engineer who provides a voice-over in the video, says the 15ft weapons unit is the ship’s ‘last line of defense’.

He said: ‘The name phalanx comes from ancient Greece, known as an impenetrable shield formation.

‘Our phalanx is no different.

‘It fires a wall of rounds to form our own impenetrable shield. We can engage air and surface threats…

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