October 20, 2021

SA announced as location for National 5G Industrial Incubation Lab

The Lab is to receive Federal Government funding as part of the $20 million Job Maker Digital Business initiative.

The National 5G Industrial Incubation Lab, will drive jobs growth in 5G services and 5G-enabled industries, across three key areas covering:

  • Increasing rail passenger safety via camera and scene analytics using big data
  • Airport situational awareness for securing public safety using video cameras
  • Energy management in a power network via 5G connectivity

These 5G scenarios will be supported by Adelaide Airport, South Australian Power Network and the Department for Infrastructure and Transport and includes the expertise of the Australian Institute for Machine Learning (AIML).

The use of 5G wireless technology is a future platform for connecting mobile robots, machines, sensors, computers and people, creating opportunities for automation on a scale that up until now,…

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