September 24, 2021

Samsung soars for the Flip

Above: The interface for the photos app adjusts when the ZFlip’s screen is folded. Photo by Mark Lyndersay.

BitDepth#1316 for August 23, 2021

Some devices just resonate with you on sight. Even in a promotional video, they create a sharp urge to own them.

Samsung’s new Galaxy Z series devices, the third iteration of their foldable line are likely to create that impulse in the audiences they were built to target.
But, they are also going to be very different people.

The ZFold 3, a device that’s basically two Galaxy phones connected by a hinge, is likely to appeal to someone who really needs a phone that can morph into a square tablet.

For the ZFlip 3, the demographic downshifts to a hipper, more fashion conscious user who is smitten by the notion of taking a Samsung smartphone and folding it in half.

The same basic technology is deployed in both…

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