September 27, 2021

San Antonio business owner encourages others to support hurricane relief for Ida’s aftermath

SAN ANTONIO – A San Antonio business owner is encouraging the community to step up and help people dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Ida, which is now a tropical depression.

Pieter Sypesteyn is the owner of Nola Brunch and Beignets in San Antonio. He was born and raised in New Orleans, which means he knows all too well the impact hurricanes can have.

“Growing up, you know to hunker down,” Sypesteyn said. “As a kid, I would go out and play in the floodwaters and run an inflatable boat up and down the streets. We would just goof off when it wasn’t a big deal. Sometimes, it can be as simple as riding it out the New Orleans way, enjoying drinks with some friends while watching the storm go by. But then, you see the other spectrum, like with Katrina. It is always that feat that that will happen again.”

Sypesteyn was in college in California when his family had to evacuate…

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