July 28, 2021

Santiago Cafiero says: whoever bets on the dollar loses. What if you consult Copani?

The government spent the first half of the year without resolving the agreement with the IMF, barely kicking the Paris Club for a few months, and without achieving more than a very modest reduction in inflation: above 4 points per month, a little more than 3 passed, with little chance of going further down, so the forecasts for this year went up again, and they are around 50%.

It also consumed the best income of dollars from exports imaginable, thanks to international prices since agriculture, despite all the obstacles that are put on it, continues to produce, without achieving more than a limited increase in reserves. Therefore, the general suspicion among economic actors is that it will hardly reach what it collected to avoid an outbreak of the fragile exchange scheme before the elections.

What comes next cannot be known with precision, but it will surely be a combination of…

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