November 14, 2021

Scam alert over false websites that pose as shops you know in France

Online fraudsters have a new ruse in France – setting up false websites of physical shops or brands you may know in a bid to con you out of money or implant destructive software on your computer.

“This is one more frontier that cybercriminals have just crossed: it is no longer simply impersonating an already existing entity via a scam email or text but usurping the whole identity, even on Google, of a physical brand, manufacturer, craftsman, amongst others,” said Laurent Amar, co-founder of France Verif, a French firm specialising in software to fight online fraud.

Scammers manage to do this by hijacking the Google records and phone numbers of businesses that have physical shops and are trusted by consumers. 

Shoppers (not knowing that they are using a fake website impersonating a shop or business they know) then enter their credit card details (which are then stolen) or import…

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