June 17, 2021
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Maui Police Reminds Public to Be Aware of Telephone Scam

June 17, 2021, 8:46 AM HST * Updated June 17, 8:47 AM Maui Police warn of phone scam. The Maui Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Division reminds the public to be aware of recent telephone scams. Scams involve people receiving a telephone call on either their cellular or home phone from a number that is unfamiliar to them. The ...

Sheriff warns of phone scam – The Tribune

A familiar phone scam is making its rounds around Lawrence County again. It begins with a notice that it is from the sheriff’s office and you need to press a button to talk to an operator who notifies you that there is an arrest warrant and if you want to avoid going to jail, you need to buy a prepaid money card and then give t...

Will we ever win the war on bank fraud?

“Some of the best entrepreneurs out there are scammers.”So says Mark Steward, the UK financial watchdog’s director of enforcement, who was grilled by MPs this week about soaring levels of online fraud.Whenever I write about this topic, the comments section fills up with remarks like “I’d never fall for this” or “How stupid would y...

Florida Neighbors Try To Save Elderly Women From Sweepstakes Scams

Citrus County, Florida-In a quiet district of Florida, the words of the winner of the sweepstakes are making noise to their neighbors. “There is no doubt, it’s kind of weird,” said neighbor Bob Gregoire. The neighbor’s winner was probably set to win her jackpot through the publisher’s clearinghouse and charge more than $ 10 million, neighbors said...