June 19, 2021

Scam warning on your cell phone?May be part of a scam | Business

Most scammers just roll the dice and set traps that careless consumers want to stumble.

The man did his homework to target a specific victim and earned over $ 10,000 from Chase’s bank account.

This episode warns us all that even if everything seems to be working, we are very cautious when interacting with the business.

It also raises questions about how well Chase protects its customers.

Dennis Denton, 41, recently received a fraudulent warning from Chase informing him that he had made a purchase at Wal-Mart for $ 505. The text message confirms that the purchase belongs to her. I asked her to do it.

“I replied by email that I didn’t know anything about it,” a Texas resident told me. “As soon as I got a call from a Chase customer service representative.”

The call appeared to come from Chase. The person in charge said it was necessary to secure a checking account in…

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