July 28, 2021

Scammers and how to thwart them – The Royal Gazette

Beware of scammers: cybercriminals are rife and will dig into every online source they can to access your information

Scammers are pure evil and absolutely brilliant, a devastating combination. They can mimic any person, service, website, phone caller, regional accent, technical support anywhere, any time. They target the elderly and other deemed technically illiterate communities.

Scenario one

A peaceful morning. She is working on her computer, answering e-mails, and checking some investment activity. Suddenly, her computer screen flashes red, orange, green and then freezes. Perhaps just a malfunction – tried rebooting – no effect.

“I’m being hacked,” she thought, “what do I do now?” Within ten minutes, the phone rings. On the line is a knowledgeable-sounding gentleman who says, “I’m with Microsoft Support Service. I see you are having problems with your computer, and you might have just been hacked.”


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