August 2, 2021

Scammers posing as police, sheriff warns

The Jefferson County sheriff’s office issued a fraud warning that scammers are apparently pretending to be law enforcement officers and calling residents to get their money.

The sheriff’s office was recently made aware that there have been numerous phone calls made in attempts to defraud citizens of funds, according to a news release.

It has been reported that the scam callers are claiming to be law enforcement officers and in some cases are using actual local law enforcement officers’ names from the Jefferson County sheriff’s office and Pine Bluff Police Department.

These criminals are claiming that a court date or jury selection has been missed and a warrant has been or will be issued unless the person pays a fine.

The caller then directs the citizen to go and purchase a Green Dot prepaid credit card or other similar prepaid credit card/gift card in order to avoid being arrested….

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