October 20, 2021

Scammers repurpose reshipping scam to target people seeking work from home job during pandemic — Scam Guards

With so many people losing their jobs during the pandemic, and now fearful to go back into any office due to COVID-19 concerns, work from home jobs are now more appealing than ever.

While there are many legit work-from-home jobs, there are some that are part of a trendy scam and will end up costing you money or even land you in jail.

Recently laid-off Stacey Pettiford thought he found a job advertised online to make some easy money.

Pettiford got an email from someone claiming to be with the accounting department of the company. That email told Pettiford he would make $2,000 a month, plus an extra $40 bonus for every package he sent on time. His job was just to receive packages, and then reship them back out.

Pettiford agreed to the terms and the packages started arriving daily. He opened every package, and then as instructed took pictures of what’s inside.

He kept taking pictures of every item–which ranged from brand new laptops,…

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