October 20, 2021

Scammers take aim at Amazon Prime with fake subscription calls – Pickr

Whether you subscribe to streaming video services or not, criminals are going after your wallet with a plan to nab your credit card details.

“Hello, I’m calling from Amazon,” the voice calls out from the other end of the phone, starting off the con with a local number to give you a reason to pick up. “We’re calling because you signed up to the wrong Amazon Video account and will be charged $39.95 per month.”

Saving money is clearly important, so when you hear these words, you might be inclined to think this is legit. But it’s not, and much like how no one is calling you from the NBN about your internet and how no one is calling you from Microsoft to fix your computer, no one is calling you from Amazon Prime Video because this is just a scam. This is yet another scam.

The overseas call centre that made this call was insistent, however, calling into the Pickr team and pushing the idea that they…

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