November 14, 2021

Scammers Target Over 55s In £550m Pension Grab

Clever scammers offering get-rich-quick investments have tried to trick 80 per cent of investors aged over 55 out of their savings in the past year.

Hard-nosed fraudsters target the over 55s because they know they have access to their pensions and often need advice about the best way to invest their money

But as scams become more sophisticated, it’s becoming harder to sort the authentic from the fake.

One of the scammers main tricks is the ‘guaranteed’ return, promising investors above-average profits for handing over their cash.

Read on to find out how the scammers work and what you can do to protect yourself from their weasel words.

Tricksters Trigger Millions Of Scams

A glimpse of the statistics paints a worrying picture at the vast scale of the scammer’s deception:

  • Scammers have targeted just under 80 per cent of over 55s in the last year
  • One in four wouldn’t assume an investment opportunity was a scam if it offered a fixed…

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