November 17, 2021

Scammers targeting families of missing people; Mushroom therapy approvals stall: CBC’s Marketplace cheat sheet

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Scammers targeting families of missing people, Hamilton police say

Allison General was wondering where her 28-year-old daughter, June, was when she received a chilling text message on her phone.

It was from someone who claimed they’d kidnapped June and would only give her up if General paid a ransom of $7,000. 

But after contacting police, she learned the message was fake. Her daughter was found safe and sound two days later.

According to Hamilton police, this isn’t the first time a scammer has targeted a family with missing loved ones. 

“You’re preying on vulnerable people at their worst moment…. It’s unfortunate that it’s out there like the CRA scams, the senior scams, the CEO scam. This is just…

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