September 16, 2021

Scams – Post Courier

Welcome everyone to this edition of Tok Bilong Haus Moni.

The Governor of the Bank of PNG Loi Bakani recently made warnings to the public about the need to be aware of scams and to be cautious with the management of their savings, with many scams being fraudulent activity.

Fraud can take many forms and in an electronic and digital age where people are more prone to accept on face value email messages, Facebook messages, text messages and WhatsApp messages the potential for someone to lose money or put their access to banking services at risk is higher than it has ever been.

The methods of those who take advantage of others can be numerous but they do fall into a number of categories.

A common one is an unsolicited offer from someone not known to the target asking for payment in advance to a bank account. Criminals send messages by any form of electronic media unsolicited to an individual and make an offer for a service in exchange…

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