October 20, 2021

Schooling in Nigeria a scam?, By Olabisi  Deji-Folutile

School na scam!  I hear this phrase a lot of times these days, especially from Nigerian youths. Ask them what they mean, they will tell you that the whole hype about education being the foundation for a productive and profitable future is all lies – that  all the talks about schooling being the gate pass to a life of comfort are all made up. 

As far as they are concerned, Nigerian schools are teaching them things they may never need or use in life. Unfortunately, the society keeps telling them that the road to success in life lies in school, when they can actually see that the most of their peers doing well early in life are school dropouts. And the ones that the society idolises don’t even have degrees. That is confusing!

One of them told me recently that going to school is a waste of time. To him, people spend so many years in school and still come out to do things that do not really…

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