July 31, 2021

Scientists Develop Awesome New Technology To Make Aircraft Engines 80% Quieter

Did you ever think you’d live to see the day planes would make as much noise as hairdryers?

You may be in luck.

Scientists at the University of Bath have just created the lightest sound insulation ever manufactured.

The outrageously light new material can reduce aircraft engine noise and improve passenger comfort.

The material – graphene oxide-polyvinyl alcohol aerogel – weighs just 2.1kg per cubic metre. It’s the lightest sound insulation ever made.

It could be used as insulation within aircraft engines to reduce noise by up to 16 decibels, Science Daily reports.

This would reduce the 105-decibel roar of a jet engine taking off to a sound closer to that of a hair-dryer, researchers claim.

“The aerogel’s meringue-like structure makes it extremely light, meaning it could act as an insulator within aircraft engine nacelles, with almost no increase in overall weight,”…

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