June 19, 2021

Shareholders of LSE quoted Cambridge companies cashing in | Business Weekly | Technology News | Business news

Quoted Cambridge companies have been delivering some of the best returns for shareholders posted anywhere on the planet in the last calendar year –despite the pandemic.

These successes have been consistently uplifting in both the last five months or so from January 4 to May 14 and in the 12 months from May 15 to the time of writing on May 14, Business Weekly research reveals.

At one stage on Monday morning this week, for example, Darktrace stock – priced at 250p on the recent IPO – hit 379.70p a share. That handed the still young cyber security company a market capitalisation of £2.65 billion and might help a lot of punters pay for a holiday or two with travel restrictions being eased.

Share prices ebb and flow, regularly on an hourly basis, and often there is no rational explanation for the ups and downs. Serial Cambridge entrepreneur Dr Mike Lynch once told me that going…

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