September 28, 2021

She was scammed while selling furniture online.Now her warning about Google phone scams has become viral

A New Hampshire woman has been scammed on the Facebook Marketplace and has decided to warn others about the potential dangers. Now her warning is viral and she wants to be known before being fooled by others. Krysta Lewis’s note has been played over a million times on TikTok. Business owners wanted to avoid sacrificing what might seem like an innocent deal on the Facebook Marketplace at first. “We’ve made about eight lists of furniture we want to sell,” Lewis said. She looked up several profiles of people interested in buying her product and answered one. “She said,’Yes, but I’m a little hesitant. I don’t know if you’re real. Can you send me a code? So you’re a real person,’” Lewis said. Said. Lewis sent the code. A few minutes later, a gut sensation told her something was wrong. Several internet surveys have confirmed the suspicion. The code creates a…

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