November 16, 2021

Sheriff warns of phone scam – The Tribune

A familiar phone scam is making its rounds around Lawrence County again.

It begins with a notice that it is from the sheriff’s office and you need to press a button to talk to an operator who notifies you that there is an arrest warrant and if you want to avoid going to jail, you need to buy a prepaid money card and then give them the money.

Lawrence County Jeff Lawless said that dispatch has received a few calls about the scam over the past four days.

“It’s a recording and then you press a number and then a person with a foreign accent tries to get your personal information out of you. They threaten that if you don’t comply and give them money from a prepaid card then you’ll face arrest,” Lawless explained.

That isn’t how the judicial system works, at all. If the sheriff’s department has an arrest warrant for someone, they do not call them and they don’t accept money to not…

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