November 14, 2021

Shoppers here tend to reuse log-in details, passwords, Tech News News & Top Stories

Cyber hygiene was not top of mind, even as more Singapore consumers went online amid the Covid-19 pandemic, a study has found.

On average, consumers here created 10 new online accounts, for services such as food deliveries, shopping, healthcare and entertainment, during the pandemic.

However, 45 per cent always or mostly reuse the same usernames and passwords for their different online accounts, according to findings released by technology firm IBM today.

It is similar to the findings from 22 markets that were studied, including the United States, Britain, India, Japan and South Korea.

This is of concern, as cyber-security experts have long advised against reusing passwords for different online accounts.

If hackers are able to steal a person’s username and password for one account and hack into it, they can easily hack his other accounts that reuse the same log-in details.


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