November 14, 2021

Shopping scam targets NC woman for thousands of dollars

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — It all started when a Greenville woman says she received a check for nearly $2,000 from someone posing as representing CVS pharmacy.

After that, she began to receive instructions on what to do with that money until finally, silence fell across her phone.

“When I started getting correspondence, nothing else said anything about CVS,” said Shirley Williams of Greenville.

Williams is speaking out after she was almost robbed of nearly $2,000.

“I received a CVS survey questionnaire asking me to be a secret shopper for CVS,” said Williams. “There was no logo and they wanted me to take this cashier’s check for $1,950. Take the check and deposit it to my bank account and then proceed within 12 hours, I get an additional $250.”

Williams, a past secret shopper herself, says she noticed red flags when the organizer kept asking her…

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