September 28, 2021
General News

Short of the Mandate They Crave, Military Leaders Race to Vaccinate Troops

COLORADO SPRINGS — Three soldiers in camouflage were crowded around a table at a popular burrito place near Fort Carson on Friday, chewing over the announcement that the military might soon require all troops to get vaccinated for coronavirus. Two of the soldiers had already gotten the shot. One had not.

The military had ordered her to get a quiver of other vaccines, including the annual flu shot. The big difference with this one was that she finally had a choice.

“Honestly, if the Army wants you to do something, they’ll make you. It was still voluntary, so I just put it off,” the unvaccinated soldier said, adding that a busy schedule and fear of side effects had encouraged her delay.

The soldier declined to give her name because she was not authorized to speak to the news media but said although most of the soldiers she knows in the post’s 25,000 active duty troops are…

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