September 16, 2021

ShotSpotter Technology in Question | Latino Voices | Chicago News

According to a new report from the city’s Inspector General’s office, alerts by the gunshot detection technology system ShotSpotter used by the Chicago Police Department ‘rarely’ lead to evidence of a gun crime. 

The multi-million-dollar technology uses microphones and sensors to identify the sound of gunshots and alert law enforcement – the accuracy of which was brought into question in May 2021 in an analysis performed by Lucy Parsons Labs and the MacArthur Justice Center

The OIG’s report finds that between last year and this year, fewer than 1 in 10 of ShotSpotter alerts resulted in evidence of a gun-related criminal offense being found. 

“What we are assessing is operational value and that is the question of how helpful this technology is to the police department in combating violent crime, even if it’s accurate all the time,” said Deputy Inspector…

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