November 17, 2021

Should internet giants pay for news? All about the debate and the global experience so far- Technology News, Firstpost

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a hard time for the media industry, especially for traditional print media. As lockdowns kicked in and people became wary of catching the infection, media businesses saw newspaper sales drop off a cliff. For an industry that was anyway facing a hard time managing their topline and bottomline as the digital revolution forced fundamental changes in the business of news delivery, the loss of subscribers came as a debilitating blow.

But it was in the gloom of closed-down editions and laid-off journalists that the news came about Australia insisting that internet giants like Google and Facebook should pay their fair share for news content that also helps drive traffic to their services. Several countries said they would take a leaf out of Australia’s book while there were calls in India, too, for the government to…

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