October 20, 2021

Skinwalker Ranch increases surveillance with new hi-tech cameras

MYSTERY WIRE — There are now at least a dozen new hi-tech cameras that operate off the grid placed around Skinwalker Ranch in Utah. This is in addition to the state-of-the-art surveillance system already in place.

The new system being used is from a Utah company called LiveView Technologies (LVT). These new, and mobile camera units can be placed almost anywhere on the ranch thanks to solar and battery technology along with wheels.

Mystery Wire recently spoke with Erik Bard and Derek Boggs about this upgrade. Bard is known to many as one of the investigators featured on History’s Secret of Skinwalker Ranch where he is the principal investigator and chief scientist. Boggs works with LVT and has spent time at the ranch with Bard getting the new system setup.

NOTE: The transcript of this interview is at the bottom of this story.

The soft-spoken Bard said of this new system, “It’s…

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