July 28, 2021

Small business born during height of pandemic continues to thrive in Durham :: WRAL.com

The coronavirus pandemic has brought its struggles to the residents of the Triangle. But for a Durham woman, the pandemic is how she found her purpose: making masks for family, friends and strangers.

Now, it’s turned into her own small business, and it all started with a $40 sewing machine from Walmart.

“It takes all of five minutes to make a mask,” described Michelle Kelly.

During the beginning of the pandemic, Kelly wrote to WRAL News’ Kasey Cunningham.

“I remember the day we saw you on the news, and you were pulling on your mask and kept adjusting. I was like, I got to make this lady a mask. I’m going to make her a mask and send it to her. I’m tired of seeing her pulling that mask up on her face,” recounted Kelly.

Masks were also new to Kelly.

“I didn’t even know how to…

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