October 20, 2021

Socialite Zuva Habane Embroiled In Crypto Shares Scam

Socialite Zuva Habane Embroiled In Crypto Shares Scam

Chie Masiziba  x Zuva Habane (Photo Credit: Facebook)

South Africa-based socialite, Zuva Habane, popularly known as Urban Tete in social media streets has been embroiled in a crypto shares scam

This comes after she posted an advert on her social media pages endorsing crypto shares.

A few minutes after she posted the advert, Zuva started to receive backlash from some followers who accused her of introducing them to crypto scammers.

One of her colleagues, Chie Masiziba who also happens to be a  fellow socialite was also scammed US$3850 after she joined crypto shares following Zuva’s endorsement.

Commenting on Zuva’s Facebook Post, Chie revealed that her friend introduced her to Crypto shares and she refused to join. However, after Zuva endorsed the same crypto shares she decided to join.

Chie said she took…

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