November 17, 2021

Some residents getting Costco cashback scam text in Mississauga and Brampton


If you recently got a suspicious text claiming to be from Costco, you’re not the only one.

Some residents report that they’re getting a scam text offering a 2% cashback on their Costco groceries for the month of June.

Residents who get the text should avoid clinking the link and block the sender’s number.

Costco-related scams appear to be on the rise, with the wholesale retailer keeping track of a long list of currently known scams that Costco shoppers should be aware of.

If you get one of these scams, you’re advised to:

  • Never respond to emails that cannot be verified.
  • Never provide personal information via email or by text.
  • Contact the business by using legitimate phone numbers to verify the request.
  • Enter websites using your browser and not by clicking on provided links.
  • Be cautious of any solicitation requesting that you deposit a check or pay a fee to…

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