October 19, 2021

Some tips to safely navigate today’s markets

Ryan T. Fulmer

Today’s stock market represents an excellent example of how it can be challenging to be a long-term investor. Stock prices seem to keep going up despite geopolitical risk, viruses, inflation and many other areas of concern.

In these more challenging times to be an investor focus on what you can control.

Investors can control how much risk they are taking in the stock market. For each investor it might differ from reducing your allocation to stocks or trimming some companies that have appreciated significantly and investing in more stable dividend paying stocks.

Gradual decisions based on logic will help you achieve your long-term goals. It is likely a mistake to dramatically change your asset allocation because the stock market has been rising for years.

In recent months many industry pundits have focused on inflationary concerns. Historically one of the best methods to…

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