October 19, 2021

Spice Village to reopen Wednesday in River Square Center | Local Business News

The city was not a tourist destination, and Magnolia’s Chip and Joanna Gaines had not elevated themselves to power couple status.

Wilson’s Spice Home Furnishings became the rage among the national media and security details that followed President George W. Bush to his ranch getaway in Crawford. They became known for binge buying Spice’s fine furniture, and shipping it back to Washington, D.C. Wilson’s growing family prompted her to close the furniture store in 2010, but she kept the Spice name, applying it to the remaining shops in River Square.

Today, merchants are getting over another challenging time, moving goods back to River Square, and to new wooden flooring and fresh partitions between display areas. Wilson employed movers to help with the process, but vendors, as well as family members and friends, have logged countless elevator rides between the first and second floors.

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